'Knot' Enough Time
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"I have been a satisfied client of Tammy for over ten years. She offers a variety of massage techniques to meet the needs of sore, weary people. Everything at her business is designed to give one a pleasant experience, from lighting, music, warm table, and consideration for the privacy of the individual. Booking an appointment is easy, no complicated procedure is necessary. That is such a bonus because when one is hurting, you want attention, not a delay."

-JM, Ashby, MA

"I am a stay at home mother of three toddlers.  I run my household while my husband works to support us.  I love, cook, clean, play, mend, pretend, create, and explore with and for my family all day long.  I find that at the end of the day, all of my own tensions, and aches and pains settle directly into my shoulders and upper back, causing me to retire earlier than I would like for bed in the evenings, and creating a painful and achy morning that I wake up to.

My only previous experience with massage was through physical therapy for an injury.  I am not one to usually pamper myself, always putting anything extra away for my children.  After months of living with my shoulders feeling the way they do on a daily basis, I thought I could at least try a massage.

Booking was easy – she was available for me when I was.  When I went to meet with her at her office I was instantly at ease due to her professional and easy going demeanor. Everything about our conversation prior to my massage was relaxing and reassuring (hey, I was a bit nervous!). 

Her room was very clean, neat and tidy.  It had soothing curtains and colors, and wonderful furnishings that made me very relaxed and I had no more second thoughts about spending this time on myself.  She was very professional, thorough, warm and truly cared about being able to provide to me what I wanted or needed.  We discussed which massage would be best for me, and I am so very glad I made my appointment.

The massage itself worked wonders for my pain areas.  When she had started, I could feel my problem areas, and she was quick to find them as well.  By the end of my session, I could feel most of my pain had already gone.  It was a very rewarding experience.  I would love to incorporate Tammy’s abilities into a routine wellness program for myself, and am going to find a way to make that possible.

Thank you, Tammy!"

- Amanda, Nashua, NH